"Sometimes you have to play a long time 
to be able to play like yourself"

                                                             - Miles Davis

At my core, I’m a drummer, and I often approach things from a rhythmic base.  As a force of habit or some kind of instinct, I tend to think of music in layers built from the ground up, one supporting the next, building a staircase.  I often find interesting or unique things will happen when I juxtapose these layers and create unique harmonies, rhythms, and sparks of ideas.


Elements of music that I appreciate and I focus on bringing out in my work are: 

REPETITION (Fela Kuti), 

DYNAMICS (John Coltrane), 

SYNCOPATION (Zigaboo Modeliste), 

TEXTURE (Radiohead), 

TONE (Brian Blade), 

SIMPLICITY (Bob Marley), and 

MINIMALISM (Al Jackson).





Bass Guitar


2009 - 2016     Stereo Sons (Electro Indie-Rock)

                          Seattle, WA

2005 - 2007     Kiss Her For The Kid (Pop Rock)

                          Seattle, WA

                          *Toured West Coast

2003 - 2015     Leanne Wilkins & The Weathered (Americana)

                          Seattle, WA

2003 - 2005     Connor Desai (Electro-Acoustic Indie Pop)

                          Seattle, WA

2001 - 2004     Atma (Psychedelic Soul Jazz)

                          Seattle, WA

                          *Toured West Coast

1999 - 2000     Smoking Section (Soul Jazz)

                          Santa Cruz, CA


Drums & Percussion

Chris Klepac

Midnight Movie (L.P.)

Stereo Sons

Basilisk & Tomorrow Is Another Day (E.P.)

We Are All Friends Here (L.P.)

What You Can't Control (E.P.)

Our Own Devices (L.P.)

Kiss Her For The Kid

Prettier Than Me

Conor Desai

Self Titled (E.P.)

Use Your Hands (L.P.)

Leanne Wilkins



Live on KEXP

Smoking Section

Deep End


2014 - Present     4/4 School of Music

                              Music Instructor (Drums, Band 101, Guitar,                               Bass Guitar)

2014 - Present     Happy Minds School of Music

                              Music Instructor (Drums, Guitar)

2001 - 2014         Rock School

                              Music Instructor (Drums, Band 101, Guitar,                               Bass Guitar)

2009 - 2013         Old Redmond Firehouse Teen Center

                              Drum Instructor

2004 - 2005         4/4 School of Music

                              Drum Instructor